Shelton Youth Soccer Organization

Premier Overview
Posted Jun 4, 2018

Coaching Philosophy Shelton FC

A club committed to promoting excellence in the educational, character, and physical development of adolescents by offering a rigorous and challenging athletic experience. Soccer will be used to instill qualities of leadership, teamwork, dedication, perseverance, loyalty, and fair play. Participants will learn to cope with Success and failure and to be humble in victory and proud in defeat, and will understand that the athletic competition is preparing them for the ultimate competition: life.

Mission Statement Shelton FC Premier 

The vision of Shelton FC is to be one of the biggest premier youth soccer clubs in Connecticut, as well as Region I, whose players are recognized for their excellence, commitment, and sportsmanship in the game of soccer.  Our goal at Shelton FC is to develop every player to his or her full potential. SFC teams shall compete in developmental and premier leagues throughout Connecticut within the CJSA, as well as participate in highly competitive tournaments within New England, the Mid-Atlantic States and nationwide, when invited or earned.  SFC sponsors competitive play for its youth players at TWO different levels of competition. We offer Premier (U12-U14) and Showcase (U15-U18) Programs.   SFC is committed to the development of all its' players and to encourage them to reach their highest potential.

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