Shelton Youth Soccer Organization

Travel FAQ's

How long and how many times a week are practices?

The Travel Director and the coach determine the number of practices, length, starting time and location. Usually 1-1/2 to 2 hours, twice a week.

Is my child expected to attend all practices every week?

Players are expected to attend all practices and to notify the coach, prior to practice, if they cannot attend.

Will my child play in every game?

Recreation (in-house) players must play in one-half of every game. Competition (travel) players' field time is at the discretion of the coach.

How far do you travel to a game?

Generally less than 1 hour. Excluding tournaments and State Cup play, teams generally travel within Fairfield and New Haven counties.

Do you travel every weekend?

No. Every schedule includes home games. Home games are played at East Villiage Park, Capewell Park, Shelton High School and Nike Site depending on the age group and field openings.

Are games played on Saturday or Sunday or both?

They are usually scheduled on Saturdays, but schedule or weather conflicts may require Sunday games for travel teams.

When and where are the tournaments?

Tournaments are normally held on the weekends during the fall and spring seasons. However, there are some tournaments played out of the SYSO season. Participation in these tournaments is up to the coach, players and parents.

How many games are in a tournament?

Usually a minimum of 3 games and a maximum of 6. It varies by tournament.

Is my child expected to be at every game?

Players are expected to attend all games.

How many children will be rostered on the team?

The travel director and the coach determine the number of players on a team. Generally U10 about 10 players, u12 to U19 up to 16 players.

When and how will a parent be notified if their child has made a team?

Tryout participants will be notified by SYSO letter either way after the tryouts.

What are the costs of the uniform and who pays for them?

Uniform costs range from $70 to $85. The uniform consists of two shirts, one pair of socks and shorts. Players pay for their own uniforms.

Can my child play another sport/activity while being on the Travel soccer team?

Yes, as long as they can attend all practices and games.